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Hood Vibes| Chapter 1: Breaking Point!

“Chad, our baby need some milk,” Tiffany shouted through the phone as soon as Chad said hello. “Tiff, would you gon’ with all that! It’s 7 in the morning.” Chad looked at his iPhone and yelled back into the phone, annoyed that Tiffany woke him up out his sleep. “And!” Tiffany mumbled before hanging up in Chad’s face.

“Damn, this bitch don’t stop!” Chad said loud enough for Angel to put her two cents in. “If you kept your dick in your pants, then you wouldn’t have these problems!” Angel said looking over at Chad before she got up from the bed, headed towards the bathroom.

“I know, FUCK!” he shouted feeling stuck in his head.

Chad sat up in bed staring out the window thinking hard how he was going to try this co-parenting thing with Tiffany.

“What you thinking about?” Angel walked in the bedroom standing in the doorway. “Chad!” Angel said louder, breaking his train of thought.

“Huh!” Chad responded. “What’s your plans with Tiffany?” Angel said again.

“I’m thinking about taking this bitch to court!’ he replied with confidence. “She can’t keep my child from me and think she can make demands on her time,” he added, knowing he was gon’ fight for his rights despite how Tiffany felt.

“Okay, I feel like that’s a great idea. If you need help with the paperwork, I’m here to help,” Angel said while handing Chad his plate of breakfast.

“Thanks bae,” Chad let out giving Angel a kiss on her forehead.

Chad finished his breakfast, hopped in the shower before going down to the court house to handle his business. “Angel, can your iron my shirt on the bed?” Chad yelled out from the bathroom.

“I got you, bae,” Angel responded back before looking up from her phone. “Damn, she did a cold ass lace front on her,” Angel whispered to herself while double tapping the video on her black iPhone 13 pro.

Angel got up from the bed wearing a red laced two-piece pantie set along with her silk white robe plugging in the iron across the room placing it on the ironing board. Angel was well portioned in all the right places, showing off her 36 double C chest with her big red heart on her left chest with the letter “C” written inside.

She got so into ironing Chad’s shirt that she got into mode and started ironing her and Cassidy’s clothes for next week; “that’s how long Chad’s showers be” Angel laughed to herself thinking about her flashbacks.

“What you laughing about?” Chad said coming out the bathroom with a black towel wrapped around his waist along with his brown slippers.

“Oh, damn…nothing!” Angel replied a little nervous that Chad was watching her and also the fact that she didn’t hear the shower turn off.

Chad stood close enough in front of Angel and just stared into her eyes. His chocolate skin complexion  and hazel eyes turned her on. She scanned his body from head to toe and couldn’t help his dick print growing under the black towel. Angel grabbed it and massaged it softly with her hands. She moved her hands from his dick and went towards his lightly dried chest with “loyalty” written across his chest.

Chad stood about five-foot-nine in height and weighted roughly about two-hundred and thirty pounds, but his muscular body complemented his stocky built arms that melted Angel into butter when he laid his hands on her.

“Damn, bae, you need a massage before I go?” Chad asked while placing his hands onto Angel’s lower back.

“Yes! I will definitely take that,” she responded knowing it was going to be awhile before he left.

“Get over there girl,” Chad demanded, guiding Angel to the bed, and placing her on her stomach.

Chad sat on the bed on his knees while he spread her legs and stood up above her.

“That feels good,” Angel stated as she always enjoyed Chad’s massages. He slowed massaged her lower back then headed onto her upper back and shoulders.

“You like that baby?” Chad asked while planting small kisses on her back.

“Yes!” she quickly answered getting turned on by his kisses.

Chad kissed her lower back and stopped before getting out the bed, guiding Angel to position herself into doggystyle. He kissed both of her ass cheeks before he slid his tongue down the split of her ass and licked her bootyhole.

“Umm…” Angel whispered quietly while instantly getting wet as Chad went under her and started kissing her pussy. He slowed paced with his tongue and licked her outer pussy lips. He spread her lips and sucked on her pearl tongue causing Angel to jerk her body forward a little. Chad was so into making Angel squirt thar he didn’t notice her moving her body in sync with his tongue like it was his dick.

“Yes…Baby!” Angel called out loud enjoying this moment; just like from the flashbacks she was having. Chad sucked Angel’s pussy up until dry, but she kept cumming before he gently slid his six-inch dick inside her pussy.

“Oh, that feels good!” Angel let out while securing her body on the bed to take all of what Chad had for her. He quickly slid in and out of her then hit her with two deep fast pumps as he knew hat was her spot to make Angel squirt.

“Fuck!” Angel spoke.

He told her to flip on her left side as he lifted up her right leg and he started slow stroking her as he watched her caramel skinned while making sex face indicating that she was enjoying it.

“I love this pussy!” Chad let out leaning towards Angel as he tongue kissed her still slowly going in and out of her pussy and hitting her spot.

“Chad! Chad!” she let out letting him know she was cumming. Angel leg started shaking uncontrollable while Chad sped up with his pace before he came with Angel. He collapsed slowly down onto Angel while tongue kissing her as he repeated he “loved her” with every kiss.

 “I love you too, bae,” Angel replied, kissing him onto his slightly wet forehead before he finally got up to handle his business.

“Thank you! Now, I can chill and cook,” Angel added, smiling at Chad while he got dressed.

While Chad was getting dressed to head down to the Child Support Office, while he grabbed his phone and keys off the dresser, Tiffany so happens to been blowing his phone up back-to-back.

“What!” he said, answering the phone, still pissed she woke him up at 7 in the morning.

“Damn, nigga! Who pissed in your coffee? Tiffany replied acting like she don’t be trying to get on Chad’s bad side.

“What do you want?” Chad let out, fed up with her shit and trying his best to get start to the point and cut their conversation short.

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