Meet The Author

Taja Gatson was born and raised on the Northside of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Growing up, Taja read countless urban fiction books, with Sista Souljah being her favorite author. She always had a passion for writing, but as she got older, it slowly faded, and cooking became her newfound passion.

It wasn’t until 2016, Taja participated in a challenge called the #shortstorychallenge on Facebook, and after receiving a lot of positive feedback, that’s when she finally decided to finish the book called "I Hope He's Everything U Wished For,” which release on June 15th, 2021. 

Taja enjoys spending time with her family & friends as well as cooking. Her days are spent working full-time in the custodian field, but she plans to continue incorporating writing as a second job to serve her readers with must-read books. Taja currently still resides in Milwaukee with her four children.


Taja wrote and published another urban fiction book called "Revenge Served Cold" in late 2021, and while she planned to finish and publish Part two, Taja knew she needed a mental break from the world. So, by discovering herself and healing her inner child traumas, Taja wrote a self-help workbook/journal for women and men who require healing their inner child traumas.

Hangin' It Up: Finally, Healing and Mental Health for Men is a self-help workbook/journal to help you receive clarity by looking in the mirror and starting your healing process. Stop covering your problems up with a band-aid, instead rip it off, and assist the situation so that you won't be in pain anymore.

Knowing who you are is a very crucial aspect of healing yourself. How can you avoid a disaster if you float through life with no clear sense of what you stand for and what you refuse to tolerate?

This workbook includes:

  • General Information on starting your healing process
  • Inner Thoughts from the Author and her overcoming her traumas
  • Definition Word Bank of other childhood traumas we face
  • Motivation Quotes
  • Worksheet Activities that will keep you on track while you get rid of unhealthy thinking patterns and toxic behaviors
  • Tips and Techniques to discovering YOU
  • Blank page space for note-taking and keeping track of all achievements

These self-help workbooks/journals are now available on Amazon. You can click here to order your copy today!


Although this publication is a source of valuable information for the readers, it is not meant as a substitute for direct expert assistance. If such a level of assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought. Still, these workbooks/journals can be used as a source while seeking professional assistance.