Who is Pen2DaPaper?


  • Who Is Pen2DaPaper?

Pen2DaPaper LLC is an independent author whose passion is writing.

  • Why do you write?

When I was younger, I remember writing poems and drawing, but writing became my outlet when I faced certain challenges in my life over the years. So, even though I slowly drifted away, I’m back putting the Pen2DaPaper and “letting my thought flow!”

  • What’s your target or goal?

As I sit and ponder this question, I want to piggyback off my response from the previous question, “Why do you write?” I write because it feels free. I can become any person I want, when I pick up the pen; without changing ME!! I have read parts of my work to numerous people and received a lot of positive feedback.

What spoke to me was individuals saying that my writing feels authentic and very detailed written. From the plot twist, to the challenges of how I described overcoming the tough times, down to the sexual content.

“I could close my eyes and drift off into the book," one of my supporters mentioned.

My goal is to continue expressing my gift by writing, hoping I can reach at least one person. Unfortunately, I haven’t been through much of what I may write, but I know someone has, and I’m here to tell you, YOU’RE NOT ALONE!!

So, I welcome you,
Take your time to explore around!
I look forward to all my new readers as I enter the world of an author.
Thank you in advance for your support!