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PDF Download| BLACK HISTORY MONTH Activity Book

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 Introducing The Black History Month Activity Book for children has never been easier. This Activity Book will bring out emotions as the child learn interesting facts and feel empowered and inspired by their results and “newfound” smarts! Not completely your average Black History Book for children, but these activities will keep their minds engaged and learning as they get enlightened to black inventors and their inventions. 

 Grab your PDF DOWNLOAD and get ready to test your child/ren or scholar's history skills. This 100-Page Activity Book is a page-turner for sure with each page keeping the child engaged with fun and educational worksheets excited to complete and ready for the next activity. Writing prompts included to help accomplish outstanding writing goals in 2022 and also expand their knowledge with Black History.  

 Why grab another notebook when Black History Month Activity Book has included a note-taking section for additional writing assignments instructed by the teacher, Do Now questions the child can quickly answer or use it for your next Black History Month Book Report and include this Activity Book for further information.

This Activity Book is perfect for lesson planning in a school or childcare setting. Independent activity book, group activities, or a quiet book to keep them involved and busy with endless inspirational fun facts about Black History. 

Black History Month Activity Book is considered ideal for Birthday Gifts, Kid Friendly Establishments, Year-Round Gift Ideas, Black History Month Events, Juneteenth Events, Back-To-School Ideas, and Bulk Ordering.

Parents praise the parent-led layout and the ease of integrating the fun activities into their homeschool curriculum.

What's Inside?
-Writing Prompts 

-Worksheet Activities to keep them involved and busy

-Inspirational Quotes 

-Dr. King’s “I Had A Dream Speech” writing prompt and prewriting discussion questions

-Note-Taking section for in-class assignments, Do Now Questions, Black History Month Book Reports, and more

-Math Worksheets

-”Discovering Kamala Harris” fact sheets with worksheets included

-POP History QUIZ to boost their history knowledge 

-Facts Sheets

And so much more!

Answer Key is located in the back of the Activity Book for manageable teaching. 

Education Grade Level:
Directed towards Middle School Grade Level

6th through 8th Grade

It may be suitable for 5th Grade

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