I Hope He's Everything U Wished For| CHAPTER 1

I Hope He's Everything U Wished For| CHAPTER 1

Davonte and Kesha have been in the house the whole weekend because Davonte was going away on a business trip Monday. "Davonte, honey, what do you want for breakfast?" Kesha yelled from the kitchen. He was in the shower washing off her juices because last night was fantastic! Davonte fucked me like it was his first time. He shouted from the bathroom, "Baby, I'll take some grits, eggs, turkey bacon, and toast."

 While preparing their breakfast, Kesha heard his work phone continually going off, but she didn't hesitate to bother it because he was off until Monday.

 Davonte was her knight in shining armor when they first met back in 2012. He was stocky built, low cut fade, dark-skinned complexion with white teeth, and light brown eyes you could die for! Until this day, Kesha is head over heels when he stares at her with them dreamy eyes. "Damn!" Kesha said, smiling as she was putting the finishing touches on their breakfast. Her mom Rose has their twin boys for the weekend, so Davonte and Kesha watched movies, ordered takeout, cuddled, got tipsy, and fucked the whole weekend away.

Davonte thought Kesha was still asleep until he woke her up, saying "FUCK" real loud, turning his ringer on silent, then quietly easing out of bed. Hearing the shower running, Kesha knew something wasn't right. "Where the fuck is he going at 8:20 in the morning?" Kesha mumbled under her breath. She leaned over and grabbed his phone and seen numerous missed calls and a text saying, "I need to see you!" from an unknown number.
"He doesn't suppose to leave until 11." Kesha thought to herself, but she got distracted when Davonte came out of the bathroom, and he noticed that she was up. He immediately claimed he needed to go over some paperwork at the office and then head to the airport. She knew Davonte was lying, but she just kissed him before he headed out. 

Kesha decided to find out who was calling his work phone; she begins to search the reverse caller ID but got nothing until she remembered her mom has a spare phone plus she has to grab the boys, so she got dressed, drove to her mom's house, and went straight to investigate.

 Kesha called the number private but got no answer. She thought, "maybe If I send a text, they'll respond?" so she sent a "Who are you?" text, and as Kesha stood there looking like a lost puppy, the phone finally buzzed, and the person texted back,

"Excuse me, you called and texted my phone!" Kesha was furious, reading back the text in her head. Kesha called the number back, but the phone rang and went straight to voicemail, "Sorry, you have reached Keana, and unfortunately I'm unable to come to the phone right now, but if you can, please leave your name, number, and a brief message, I'll return your call as soon as possible."


"Hello, Ummm... my name is Kesha," but instead, she went on and said, "I'm sorry, I believe I have the wrong number." Then she ended the call. Kesha stood there crying as she couldn't believe any of this was going on, but she quickly wiped her face, grabbed the boys, and took them to Jump Around High to pass the time.

Kesha and the boys, Carter, and Chase greeted Davonte at his favorite restaurant, Crab Dippin' Shack. Despite what was going on, Kesha didn't want to feel distant in front of their boys, so they all enjoyed the evening, eating, laughing, and coloring with their boys, up until Kesha got a call from her mother, Rose.

"Kesha, I need you to come to my house ASAP!" Rose said with worry in her voice. Kesha didn't know what was going on, so Davonte stayed behind with the boys. "We'll see you at the house," Davonte said, kissing Kesha on her cheek as she headed for the door.

When Kesha pulled up, she didn't understand what was going on, so she sat in the car for about a minute to gather her thoughts. "In my 28 years of living, I've never seen my mother cry; someone must have died," Kesha thought as she walked on the porch. "What's going on, Ma?" but her mother said nothing and continued to cry, then she uttered to say, It's a long story, I'm sorry, Kesha."

Kesha stood there looking confused, trying to piece something together, and even though Kesha had her problems, she couldn't leave without getting some information. Kesha continued standing as she hugged her mother, but just as Kesha was bringing her mother to talk without crying, Rose's phone begins to ring.

"Hello!" Rose answered the phone, sniffling and wiping her face. The person on the other end was so enraged that Kesha couldn't make anything out. Her mother looked so afraid as she sat there holding the phone, only saying, "Yes, we can meet tomorrow," and then hung up. Rose looked up and said, "Kesha, can we finish this tomorrow? I'm tired, and it's getting late." again, leaving her confused! 

As Kesha was leaving, she texted Davonte, "Bae, I'm on my way home."

On the silent drive home, Kesha mind was everywhere, between Davonte cheating and her mother acting suspiciously. Kesha had no energy on how to sort anything out, but that all changed when Kesha stepped onto rose petals as she entered their front door; as she followed the petals, it led her into their bedroom as she heard Sex Room by "Ludacris" playing in the background. The bathroom was lit with candles as Davonte and her enjoyed the hot bubble bath that was waiting on her.

Kesha quickly undressed and eased into the bath with him. Davonte had a bottle of wine on ice and a bowl of Kesha's favorite fruit. He fed her strawberries and pineapples, massaged her back and feet as she sipped away on her pink Moscato. Kesha felted a little relieved, but deep down, Kesha knew she needed to get some things off her chest sooner than later. "Thank you, bae," Kesha said, sitting up. "No need to thank me, you deserve this, Kesha," Davonte replied as he kissed Kesha on her forehead.

As they finished their bath, Davonte began to dry Kesha completely off, and he did just that. He started giving her soft kisses on the back of her neck while cupping her breasts, then turning her around and planting his lips onto hers before he laid her down on her back. Before she knew it, Davonte was spreading her legs apart, sucking on her pearl tongue, and before Kesha knew it, she came in three minutes tops, but she knew she had to return the favor.

She begins to put his rock-hard 7-inch dick in her warm mouth, causing him to jump a little. Kesha loved to give Davonte head; it was like a competition between her hand and her mouth. Her mouth was always chasing her hand to the base, and her hand chased it back up to the head. Her other free hand would play with his sack.

"Shit!" Davonte cursed from under his breath. "Get up!" Davonte demanded, but before Kesha could get up, Davonte positioned her in a doggy-style position.

He began slowly stroking her, then came with full speed while slapping and gripping Kesha on her ass until she came, but Davonte wasn't done; he flipped Kesha over on her back and begin playing with her pearl tongue with the head of his dick.

"Oh!" Kesha moaned as she looked him in his eyes. "Fuck…. Me!" Kesha said, but before she could get it out, Davonte fucked her as she instructed, as they both climaxed together.

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